Coordenador de Produto: Aceleração Corporativa

  • WaM
  • São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil
  • 13/12/2018
Tempo Integral Produto

Descrição da vaga

We search for a product manager to develop and deliver our corporate acceleration program.
_Manage pre-acceleration and acceleration projects with WaM's corporate customers;

_Implement corporate acceleration projects, leading meetings and applying the WaM methodology tools;

_Constantly diagnose the corporate acceleration program and provide a continuous product improvement cycle;

_Track and report project progress to WaM customers and managers;

_Create a strong relationship with intrapreneurs and client managers.

Basic Requirements:

_Knowledge in Design Thinking, Customer Development, Lean Startup or Scrum;

_Great didactics;

_Great interpersonal relationship;

_Advanced English reading.


_Previous experience dealing with corporate clients;

_Have worked in a startup or know the ecosystem well.